Café? Shop? What is Embaixada?

Short Answer: Both.

Now let's go to the long answer.

Embaixada Café is located in the centre of Porto, on a first floor. There's also a lovely terrace on the ground floor. Embaixada is a café during the afternoon and a bar in the evenings.

Here you can have a cup of coffee and visit a photography exhibition, or enjoy a mojito while music on vinyl is being played by our kick ass DJs.

If that's not enough for you, you can have a fresh salad or bruschetta, or snack on a nutella crêpe or homemade brigadeiro cake.

Our promess is that never two days (or nights) are the same at Embaixada. Everyday there's different music, from Brazilian Forró to Blues, or from Funk to Balkan Music. Want more? Every month we dedicate a night to music requests - don't worry, the Djs don't judge.

We do not, however, issue visas or passports... sorry about that.