35 mm

Filtros ativos

Adox Silvermax 100 BW - 35mm

SILVERMAX has an increased silver-content compared to regular negative films. This enables it to be developed to a...
6,00 €

Ferrania P30 Alpha 35mm

FERRANIA P30® ALPHA is an 80 ISO panchromatic black & white motion picture film for still photography, and...
12,00 €

FOMAPAN 400 135mm

Fomapan 400 120 is a speedy B&W film. This film is great at getting results in unfavorable light conditions,...
4,00 €

Fujifilm PRO 400H 135

O filme Pro 400H incorpora a mais avançada tecnologia da Fujifilm para a mais natural reproduçaõ de tons de pele, com...
9,50 €